How To add Fortinet firewall Images to Eve-ng

Fortinet is widely used firewall in medium and large Enterprise and Eve-ng has extend their limit to simulate almost every firewall. Eve-ng is one of the best simulator which is available free of cost. Before adding Fortinet firewall check What is Eve-ng and power of Eve-ng?
Fortinet firewall is one of the best firewall due to its rich features, In Eve-ng you can create lab and practice and test almost every feature of fortinet firewall.

We will explain you step by step Procedure of adding Fortinet images to Eve-ng.
To add Fortinet Manager in Eve-ng Check below post.
How to add Fortinet Manager in Eve-ng

Step by Step Process
1. You can check how to install Eve-ng in windows
2. Download Fortinet firewall Images.
3. Creating folder in Eve-ng
4. Uploading Cisco Fortinet firewall images to Eve-ng.
5. Unzip Fortinet Image
6. Rename Fortinate image and removing old image
7. Testing Fortinet firewall Images.
8. How to add Fortinet Manager in Eve-ng.

1. Below Fortinet IMAGES used to explain.

EVE Image Name Downloaded Original Filename Version vCPUs vRAM Console
1. fortinet-FGT-v5-build1449 5.6 1 1024 telnet
2. fortinet-FMG-v5.4-build1151 5.4 1 2048 vnc

Other versions should also be supported following bellow’s procedure.

2. Download Fortinet Images Eve-ng

Images provided below are strictly for education purpose and are not hosted on server. We are just indexing the links fond on internet for education purpose only.

if you have the privileges, You can download the images directly from the fortinet website.
Download Fortinet Images from Fotinet Website

or You can download Fortinet images from direct links.

2. Download Fortinet Images.

3. Creating Fortinet Folder to upload Fortinet image to Eve-ng.

As Per the image naming table, we have to create an image folder starting with Fortinet-, once created we will upload the image to that folder.

mkdir /opt/unetlab/addons/qemu/fortinet-FGT-v5-build1484/

4. Upload the downloaded Fortinet image to the EVE-ng.

Upload the image to folder Fortinet which we created in the previous step. You can use  FileZilla or WinSCP to upload the image.

File Path-



5. From the EVE cli, go to newly created image folder.

cd /opt/unetlab/addons/qemu/fortinet-FGT-v5-build1484/

6. Unzip original filename


7. We need to Rename original filename to virtioa.qcow2 and remove original zip file.

mv fortios.qcow2 virtioa.qcow2

8. In Last Fix the permissions:

/opt/unetlab/wrappers/unl_wrapper -a fixpermissions

Now Go to Eve-ng GUI add node and test the fortinet

default username/password for fortigate firewall-

password – No password just press enter

Enjoy 🙂

How to add Fortinet Manager to Eve-ng.

how to add fortinet image to eveng